Albums & MERCH

Always a Sixpence


Zoe's 10th album of swing, folk and world-beat grooves on piano, uke and guitar joined by a stellar band. Clever song-writing delivered with a British sense of humor. Upbeat and intelligent and perfect for all ages. LISTEN / BUY

The Sound of Wings


11 new tunes recorded in NYC and on Cape Cod featuring some wonderful musicians including Sam Kulik on trombone, Michael Croiter on drums, Mary Ann McSweeney and Jon Evans on bass, Mari Dorman on cello, Julie Wolf on accordion, Kate Wolf on backing vocals, Roxanne Layton on recorder, Mark Chenevert on clarinet and more!  


Rotary Phone


Ten tunes featuring Kate and Julie Wolf (Indigo Girls), Roxanne Layton (Mannheim Steamroller), Sara Lee (B52s), Natalia Zukerman, Erin McKeown, Mark Chenevert, Mary Ann McSweeney and more. LISTEN / BUY 

A Cure for the Hiccups


A delicious spoonfull of songs recorded on both sides of the Atlantic featuring CHANDLER TRAVIS, JULIE WOLF, THE UKES OF HAZZARD, ROXANNE LAYTON and a whole host of other spectacular musicians. A jazzy, swingy mixture to cure all that ails you. Co-produced with KATE WOLF. LISTEN / BUY 

Small is Tremendous


Small is Tremendous may be her most adventurous project yet! 11 great songs showcasing all the sides of Zoe! Latin, funk, jazz, folk, swing, upbeat and original! LISTEN / BUY 

Fishbone, Wishbone, Funnybone


Songs from underneath the skin! 13 originals recorded in Seattle with her Rubber Band. Introducing Roxanne Layton, from Manheim Steamroller, on jazz recorder. She'll blow you away! LISTEN / BUY



A fabulous recording full of fine musicians and weird instruments. Songs about cups of tea, curly animals and more global adventures. LISTEN / BUY 

Full of Faraway


A touch of Ireland in her tin whistling, a little New Orleans in her piano playing, even hints of latin america in some of these tunes. Recorded in Austin, Texas. LISTEN / BUY 



A great gramophone design celebrating Speakeasy night with Zoë Lewis and the Bootleggers . 100% cotton! All sizes! BUY