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by Sue Matsuki
November 8, 2010

ZOE LEWIS in Concert - Tuesday, November 9th at 7:00 pm at THE WEST BANK CAFE/LAURIE BEECHMAN THEATRE (407 West 42nd Street, NYC )

Affectionately known as "the band in a body" Zoe plays jazz, jump jive, Latin grooves, swing, international folk, funk originals on anything from the piano to the spoons! Originally from England, she now resides in Provincetown. She's toured the world, worked with Judy Collins, Richie Havens, Nanci Griffiths, has won numerous songwriting awards, written for film, commercials and has just finished her first musical, "Wake Up". She is joined by an eclectic mix of marvelous musicians. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOW! SHE IS FANTASTIC!

I am leaving the show blurb above because it gives you the basics. What I want to say to you all is the next time this gal comes to town, if you (the Community) do not sell out her show, YOU will be missing one of THE most joyous, creative, brilliant singers/songwriters/musicians of our day. Many of you commented on the tunes that I did in my last show, "Aware" and "Prince of Love". You raved over Hector Coris's and Joan Crowe's renditions of "The Day Snow White Said the 'F' Word" and on Joan's version of "Eyelashes"... Zoe is a wealth of great, fresh, new material and you can pick these tunes up but you have to see her and hear her first to know what tunes speak to you. I am hard pressed to find a tune she performed that I DON'T want to do! She's really that good folks!

She SOLD OUT the Beechman on Tuesday night, in a time when I have seen really empty houses, so she's got her own following, some of whom came down from Provincetown to see her. In this one show, she played guitar, harmonic (with guitar & washboard), piano, ukulele, a kazoo, a bike horn as well as using her voice to create the best horn sounds you can imagine. On the stage were clarinet, bass, drums, the SAW, another harmonica player and I've seen other shows with even more instruments and textures presented ... spoons, African drums ... it's incredible. There is not one culture, color, feel, sound or song genre that is not explored by this extraordinary lady. Oh, she's is one of the loveliest story tellers and human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting as well.

I am on a personal campaign to get YOU in to see and hear her so the next time she comes to town, and I'm warning you, I am going to be relentless!

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